Lectureships “Bridges in Europe” – Call for Applications!

Are you interested in shaping the European higher education and gaining international teaching
experience? Maybe even co-teach with an EPICUR colleague? Then the “Bridges in Europe” lectureships are for you!

“Bridges in Europe” seeks to offer lectures and talks on current topics with speakers from science and
politics and aims to foster engaging discussions and intellectual exchange on pivotal themes shaping the
future of Europe. The content of the lectures and presentations should deal with current and relevant
“European topics”. Possible topics could entail: Europe and Migration (delve into the complexities and
challenges surrounding migration in Europe, exploring strategies for fostering inclusivity and cooperation), or Bridging Specialists and Societies (examine the dynamics between academic experts and the broader public within European universities, evaluating the methods and successes of effective knowledge dissemination).

All members of the academic staff can apply (Professors, Postdocs, PhDs, lecturers)
Please submit your proposal by February 26nd 2024